Register / Book A Class

Step 1: Payment

Make payment over the counter at CrossFit Pahlawan or via bank transfer to MCX Fitness Sdn Bhd (MBB Acc: 562973008167)

Step 2: Proof of payment

Provide proof of payment to and proceed to Step 3

Step 3: Create a Mindbodyonline Account

All Classes and/or trials must be booked via Mindbodyonline website with your personal Mindbodyonline account. Bookings cannot be done if your account does not have any products or packages tied to it. Therefore, you will need to create an account before your paid-for services can be added to your Mindbodyonline account by our Admin. Once this is done, you can start booking your classes.

Create a Mindbodyonline account here . If this is your first time logging in, read Step 4 to Step 7.

Step 4: Logging into Mindbodyonline

If this is your first time logging into Mindbodyonline site, key in your First name and Last name and click “Next”

01 Screenshot login page

If you are already a Mindbodyonline member, key in your login details. Proceed to Step 7.

Step 5: Create Account

Key in your relevant details and click “Create Account”.

Step 6: Inform Admin

After your account has been created, send us a short email at to notify us that you’ve paid and created an account so that your package can be activated (this normally takes less than 24 hours).

Step 7: Sign up for Classes

Once logged in, click on “Classes” tab, search for the prefered dates and click on “Sign Up Now” button on our Schedule page. Class booking is done!

02 Screenshot classes sign up now